Tea Party University acquired by Tea Party Patriots

Tea Party University (TPU) brand and web presence has been acquired by Tea Party Patriots (TPP)! Editors, writers and other contributors remain independent but are strongly encouraged to register with TPP. To register, first JOIN (http://teapartypatriots.org/join) and make sure you … Continue reading

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NO Change: How One Party Values Human Life

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Story by OCTS Link: Booth in a Box We’re all slaves now. In the bad old days, masters paid taxes on slaves. Today, Obamacare makes slaves pay taxes to their masters. Bow to your new masters in Washington. Obamacare fundamentally changes … Continue reading

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NEW POPE: Francis I becomes the 265th Successor of Saint Peter

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 76, has been elected as the new supreme pontiff of the Catholic Church. The son of Italian immigrants and Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Francis will lead the worlds 1.2 billion Catholics. As Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he … Continue reading

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Venezuela’s VP: Hugo Chavez dead at 58

After being treated for cancer in Cuba last month, President Hugo Chavez failed to make any public appearances. It is unknown for how long he has been dead. The Vice President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced Chavez’s death today (3/5/13). … Continue reading

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TPU Press Relase: Letter to Karl Rove

Below is a link to our press release concerning Karl Rove and the counterproductive actions of the GOP establishment which seems to rather see liberal Democrats win than conservative Republicans.


M.T. Kite-Powell,

Editor-in-Chief, TPU

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Opinion: It’s The Culture

By Seth Ian With the horrific events of Sandy Hook weeks behind us and a national discussion being instituted by the mainstream media I would like to share a few thoughts of my own. First off, a horrific unimaginable evil … Continue reading

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Opinion: Greed = Entitlement

Perhaps a better, up-to-date, definition of Greed would be “not coveting what you can do or make, but coveting what you can’t. The desire for what you [monetarily] don’t deserve.”

Greed = Entitlement (claiming you NEED wealth that was taken from someone else because unlike the other 7 billion people, you are unique).

Greed is Cardinal sin for a reason.  It is NEVER good!


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