New Young Tea Party Leader Rises

Caleb Yee’s speech at the 1st Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit introduced a rising star to the Tea Party movement. Where can Caleb go? Who can he become? How can we help him get there? These are the questions people should be asking, not only of him, but of every rising star in the Tea Party movement. Ask a Tea Party youth leader how you can help them. They may be young, but they are in touch with their generation, and they have the answers. See the Tea Party Students Directory to contact a leader directly!

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One Response to New Young Tea Party Leader Rises

  1. How can we help support you? We are also at and will be happy to publicize the good things you do for the Tea Party movement.
    Bradley Hennenfent, M.D.
    physician & economist
    Facebook page:



    Tea Party:

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