The Time is Now

“The Time is Now” Speech Transcript 2/26/11 at the American Policy Summit in Phoenix Arizona

Thank You

Most of you may be wondering who Caleb Yee is. I’ve never been on the newspaper, I’ve never been on TV, I’ve never been on Glenn Beck, and I’ve never been criticized by Chris Matthews (yet, that may change tonight).
My name is Caleb Yee and I am very proud to represent the first high school tea party club in America!
Wow, this is pretty amazing! I never thought I would be standing here today getting the opportunity to send our message to all of you.
But here I am, thanks to the Tea Party Patriots, and I truly hope to have our Voices heard tonight!
Our journey starts off last summer, where one day I realized how much trouble our future was in if we stood and watched. However, I was afraid to stand up and I truly thought I was alone in the heartland of liberals, but then I discovered that I would not be fighting this fight by myself. There were students, just like me at my school who knew we were in trouble, but were also afraid to stand up to the crowd. With the teachings of our liberal teachers, and the propaganda from our lame stream media, being a “Patriotic American” was something very unpopular. However, we knew that if we continued to hide our patriotism and our values, then we would have to pay the consequences of our future. We could no longer bear the idea of standing and watching as our future was crumbling, right in front us. We knew that we could wait no longer, as our peers were blasting away enemies on their game systems, when in reality our soldiers were dying to protect us. We knew that we could wait no longer as our friends were watching reality TV, when in ACTUAL reality, our nation was in a whole lot of trouble! We knew that we had to take the initiative, and make a difference in America because WE were the sleeping giant of America.
Together we decided to come out of our own political shadows, and form a voice that would wake up the youth of America! This voice would be the A-Team Tea Party Youth Movement. The youth played a major role in the 2008 elections, and we realized that the youth was a powerful force that could either be used to harm our nation or protect our nation!
The tides have changed, and now we want to be the driving force to revolutionize the youth of this grand nation. Our greatest challenge is yet to come, and the test of our existence will be brought out in 2012 when many of us are able to vote.
But still many ask us why we should care now, if we can’t even vote, or if we don’t even have to pay taxes yet. Our answer is clear. We want young Americans to CARE about OUR country because we are all Americans. Who will pay the $15 trillion debt, when we’re finally old enough to pay taxes, and who will have to take the responsibility of a failing education system when we send our own children to schools? The day we are born we already owe the government about $50,000! How long before our peers realize, that we are the next generation of America, to either prosper or to suffer?
As a student, procrastination has always been a major issue for me. It’s been a term I’ve been much too familiar with, as I journeyed across my school years leaving assignments and tasks until the last minute. From that, I have also learned that there are consequences, which I had to take responsibility for. This time the task is our nation. If the youth of America fails to realize the dilemma and take action, then we all will have to face the consequences of the future!
Many view us as probably the weirdest bunch the world has ever known. Located in California, we have shattered the stereotypes by the media. I once heard someone call in to a radio show saying how the Tea Party was a bunch of old racist white people. At that moment, I truly wanted to meet the caller face to face and tell him about our story! First of all, we aren’t old! (Not to say that any of you look old, you ALL look fantastic today!) And second of all, our group has the most diverse set of patriotic students. We may all have different cultural backgrounds, but at the end of the day, we know our responsibility and we KNOW that our country needs to be run on a constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets, like America was intended to have! At the end of the day we know we are ALL Americans and that we are patriots! I am so grateful for many things today.

I want to thank God for giving me the courage to stand up. I want to thank my parents for raising me, and going through the process to become legal citizens and give birth to my siblings and me over here. I am so thankful for our troops who pay for our safety, and for the taxpayers that pay for our education. I am SO thankful for Debbie, Dawn, Mark, and Jenny for helping us push forward our movement, and our advisor for his great support! I am so thankful to everybody here today, who is listening to our call for change. I am so thankful for my fellow peers, who have made me realize that I was not alone in fighting this fight.
Many of us tend to take our rights and freedom for granted.
Reagan told us, “We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.” We want young Americans to heed his warning and fight to preserve this hope. We have become a major voice of the youth and we no longer fear the stereotypes or the opposition! There was a case when a parent of a child at our school threatened the administration to pull their child out of our school, if our club was not terminated. How unfortunate is it, that parents would hurt their own children, because they have a problem with our call for change?
Or the communist students at our school whose hobbies are to burn American flags and call for a socialist revolution, calling each other ‘Comrade’.
If there has ever been a time for the American youth to stand up, it is NOW! If there has ever been time for education, it is NOW! If there has ever been a time for the A-Team, it is NOW!
Thomas Jefferson knew this very well, and stated we must,
“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. Enable them to see that it is their interest to preserve peace and order, and they will preserve them. And it requires no very high degree of education to convince them of this. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”
Our mission is simple. We want to spread Tea Party youth groups and clubs throughout the nation, until we become a national movement! We’re already working with schools in New Hampshire, New York, and organizations like Tea Party Students, a network of high school and college tea party groups. Our ultimate goal is to inform, educate, and ignite the American youth, in order to protect our nation! It is time to plant the seeds of patriotism, and watch as these seeds sprout into the next generation of leaders in America!

Ronald Reagan once said, “We need you, we need your youth, your strength, and your idealism, to help us make right what is wrong.”
Mr. Reagan, we are entirely AT YOUR SERVICE!
I ask every American to help us expand our mission, and help us spread our voice from sea to shining sea. Help us encourage your children and grandchildren to take part in protecting our country. I ask the youth to take a bold stand, and join us as we push forward for the love of America! I know that there are very influential people here today, and I ask you to accept our challenge and help us fight the American fight.

We are waiting, but not staying idle for someone else to pick up the fight. We’re trying to do our part! I have faith in our people, and in the tea party movement that together we will win, because together victory is inevitable! Because, we know that our states are united by a history being forgotten, and a future we shall face together. We are the A-Team, and we send this message, so that our nation’s past will ALWAYS be remembered. For in these memories, we will strive towards Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!
Thank you and God Bless You All!

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