REPORT: 1st National Tea Party Students Conference

The 1st National Tea Party Students Conference was held at the Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit on Saturday. Over 50 people came and went throughout the Conference in a mixed crowd of young optimists and their concerned parents and grandparents. It was a series of sessions, and turnout ranged from session to session. The largest session was with Young America’s Foundation at noon with about 40 supporters.

The budget for the 1st National Tea Party Students Conference was a grand total of zero dollars (I’m not kidding) and it only happened thanks to Tea Party Patriots’ offer of a free room for Tea Party Students with Power Point and up to 100 registration waivers for students to attend — and Tea Party Students’ one and only anonymous donor who on the spur of the moment was willing to fly in student leaders from around the country. The Leadership Institute, Students For Liberty, Young America’s Foundation, Young Americans for Freedom and Young Americans for Liberty all did what they could to contribute to this event on short notice.

Jenny Beth Martin, Mark Meckler and Diana Reimer were all there at the Summit. Russell Leboff promoted Tea Party Students all weekend long. Speeches by Lyda Loudon of Tea Party Youth and Caleb Yee with the A-Team marked the first time Tea Party student leaders got together to inspire and train others in our movement! We also met students who flew in from around the country on their own as well as one student from Japan! The biggest event for us was Caleb Yee’s speech in the main room that took place in front of thousands of people in a global audience.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

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