STORY: A-Team Collects About $3,000 in Donations for the Japan Relief Effort

“Save Japan”, a relief effort started and led by the A-Team at Glen A. Wilson High School has collected $726 from students and over $2,000 from parents.Not only did their school and community make a difference, but they also stressed the importance of voluntary charity and a kind heart.

Here’s a letter sent off to World Vision,

To whomever it May Concern,

On behalf of Glen A. Wilson’s American Team, Red Cross, and Renaissance, we would like to present you with $726 in donations along with checks donated by a group of parents.

After taking in the shock of the massive earthquake in Japan, students of Glen A. Wilson High School in Hacienda Heights, California wanted to help in some way or another. Whether it was through prayer, spreading the word online, or donating funds to different relief organizations, we wanted to start a unified relief project at our school in order to help the recovery effort in Japan. This vision was brought into effect when the American Team decided to start the “Save Japan Relief Effort.” Working together hand in hand with our school’s Red Cross Club, Renaissance, teachers, students, and parents we were able to stress the importance of voluntary charity throughout our school.

We understood the panic, chaos, and destruction that were going on in Japan when we learned that the earthquake would only be the beginning of Japan’s challenges as tsunamis, aftershocks, and the nuclear crisis followed shortly after. We know that the future of Japan seems bleak and grim, but as a unified student body we truly hope that we have made a difference in the lives of the Japanese people who have suffered through the loss of their homes or their loved ones. We pray that these donations would be used in the best interest of the Japanese people by covering shelter expenses, cost of food, and the price of rebuilding. We hope that one day in the distant future, we can once again find hope in their lives as they continue to strive towards life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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