Liberty, Equality, and Class Warfare (TheCollegeConservative.Com)

Read Zachary Freeman’s thesis on “Liberty, Equality, and Class Warfare” (TheCollegeConservative.Com)

Class warfare is much more prevalent than many would care to admit, but, what is that barrier that really divides the political groups in America?  Is it racism?  Income level?  Religion?  I don’t believe so.  I believe the actual discrepancy in societal views in America is much more complex than a simple surface label . . . Dr. David Smith from Baylor University introduced an idea that made more sense than anything I’ve ever heard in politics.  He said, and I paraphrase, that Americans define ‘liberty’ and ‘equality’ as American ideals; however, they are fundamentally opposite each other.  He’s right.  In fact, I’ll take it one further than Dr. Smith: America no longer strives for and reveres liberty, but rather idolizes equality.

Read Zachary’s article on TheCollegeConservative.Com

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