The Capabilities of Economic Freedom (TheConservativeStudent.Com)

Reach Will Gallagher’s thesis on “The Capabilities of Economic Freedom” (TheConservativeStudent.Com)

When the United States was first established government had three roles in society. The first role was to protect this nation’s boarders from any enemies that dare to enter and harm its citizens. The second role . . . was to protect the citizens of the nation from any oppression and injustice (of economic freedom) that come from any other member(s) in our society . . . The third role was instituting and maintaining certain public works and institutions [that] were essentially public goods that could never be used more by one individual than another . . . Today we have a society where government uses force on all types of levels to try and establish justice and create “fairness” for all. We have steered away from our economic freedom and begun replacing it with hopes of equality through the acts of force.

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