Students Launch “NO YOUTH TAX” Petition

We propose an Amendment to the Constitution of the United States that will force Congress to be fiscally responsible to its current citizens by outlawing Congress’ abusive power to indebt future generations before they even have the right to vote on their unwilling accumulation of such debts, and inevitable taxation as a result.  “No Taxation Without Representation” was the slogan of the American Revolution, the Right to Representation is explicitly acknowledged in the Declaration of Independence as a right, and the Preamble of the Constitution itself states that it is dedicated to “Ourselves and Our Posterity”.  The very definition of “posterity” is “all future generations”.  Involuntarily indebting children and disproportionately burdening future generations with what amounts to a “youth tax” is anti-American, ageist, and anti-youth.  We therefore submit a first draft for such an Amendment, and humble ourselves before our peers and our parents and invite every American citizen to join us as we implore members of Congress who care about our country and our future to read, revise and ratify this Amendment for No Taxation Without Representation.

Upon the first day of the first year following the ratification of this Amendment, Congress shall not compel any citizen of the United States to pay for any taxation on the interest nor the principle of debts authorized before that citizen was eligible to vote for representation in the Congress.  Only a formal Declaration of War by Congress shall override this policy, and only for war-related debts.

Please note that this Amendment is only a “rough draft” intended to spark the debate and start the fire for the No Youth Tax cause.  Debate about this Declaration and the proposed Amendment will be necessary to fully satisfy our “concurring” opinions.


  1. Shane Bias, Young Americans for Mitt Romney 4/16/12
  2. Russell Leboff, Hampden-Sydney College Tea Party Patriots (concurring) 4/16/12
  3. Lyda Loudon, Tea Party Youth 4/16/12
  4. Erik Miller, University of Minnesota Duluth Tea Party Patriots (concurring) 4/16/12
  5. Danny Oliver, Tea Party Students (concurring) 4/16/12
  6. Logan Pals, Iowa State University Tea Party 4/16/12
  7. Mary-Alice Perdichizzi, Brandeis Tea Party Nation 4/16/12
  8. Robert Sinnott, Dixie State College Republican Tea Party Caucus 4/16/12
  9. Lucas Scanlon, Harvard University Tea Party (concurring) 4/16/12
  10. Caleb Yee, A-Team Tea Party Youth (concurring) 4/16/12
  11. Frank Ciardullo, College Conservatives (concurring) 4/19/12

Please note that (1) “concurring” opinions have expressed that they have one or more reservations about this declaration that they would like to debate as things develop and (2) organizational and other notable affiliations and associations are listed alongside endorsements for identification purposes only.  Endorsements are from individuals, not organizations, and no organizational endorsements are implied.



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