INTERVIEW: The Political Pole

“New, Political Pole – Adjustable Height Sign Pole with Unique Spinning Bracket”

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Interview with Jacob Andersen, creator of the Political Pole.

 1. It’s been said to take activist signs from lame to awesome, but for those who don’t know… What is the Political Pole?

The Political Pole is a unique sign holder comprised of a spinning bracket and an adjustable height pole.  It accepts nearly any sign and allows for motion and visibility enhancements otherwise not possible.  It makes it easy to utilize larger and more dynamic signs to demand the attention that would not happen otherwise.

 2. How did you come up with the idea of the Political Pole?

The Political Pole was born from another product I created to be used in commercial sign spinning applications.  That patent pending product, called the GuerillaPole, was conceived after watching a pizza company sign waver dead tired from the heat being ineffective. From there I conceived the simple system that allows for taking the weight and physical strain elements off of the sign holder while enhancing the ability for new sign holders to be efficiently promoting upon first use.  Using some slight variations in parts from the GuerillaPole, I tailored the Political Pole to be useful in both street side candidate and policy promotion as well as to be the staple for avid rally attendees.  Guerrilla marketing is a very powerful tool and political promotions could benefit greatly with using it.

 3. What do you think is the biggest advantage of being a sign-waver with a political pole?

The Political Pole allows even the shortest person at an event, even standing in the middle of a large crowd, to add attention grabbing motion high above the crowd to ensure that that person has the message that is most memorable.  It literally takes your freedom of speech to new heights and allows you to keep displaying the message for longer periods of time without the physical demands needed to accomplish this any other way.  It demands attention to your signs.

 4. Where can I and others go to buy Political Poles?

The Political Poles are available to purchase through the website.  

5. Do you offer any package deals or specials?

We have some great package deals available for purchase as well as would love to work with your group to customize and tailor for whatever is needed.  We also have some great sign companies to work with and refer you to if anyone has a need for this as well.

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