And Another “Tea Party Professor” Dr. Fred Foldvary

Dr. Fred Foldvary, a member of Professors For Liberty, research fellow at the Independent Institute, and lecturer at Santa Clara University in California, is now a “Tea Party Professor”.  In 1998, Dr. Foldvary predicted there would be a recession in 2008 and in 2007 published a piece titled The Depression of 2008.  Tea Party Professors are uniting the intellectual wing of the pro-liberty Tea Party movement to invigorate the broader movement and increase their representation in media and academia.  Tea Party Professors are prepared to comment on five topics, including the three core values of the Tea Party movement formally recognized by Tea Party Patriots, the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition and the National Tea Party Federation:  (1) fiscal responsibility, (2) limited government and (3) free markets, and also (4) the American Revolutionary era and (5) the modern Tea Party movement.

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