Iran’s University Sexism

Among the latest excuses for sexism in Iran, the clerics maintain that the exclusion of female students from certain courses in 30+ universities is out of concern for “declining birth and marriage rates”.

Despite this compassionate-sounding but nonsensical excuse, it’s clear that senior clerics want women restricted out of the public eye and out of an equal opportunity education. Iranian representatives have raised concern and queries for an investigation, while UNESCO defensively maintains that Iran has a higher ratio of female to male undergraduates (while curiously excluding whether females were restricted from certain courses or even obtained undergraduate degrees at all).


“Female students in Iran have been barred from more than 70 university degree courses, popular British daily The Telegraph  reported on Monday.

The new policy introduced by the Islamic Republic of Iran, resulted in 36 universities announcing that 77 Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) courses would not be offered to women in the coming academic year.”


There’s no surprise here when it comes to Iran and real concerns over sexism. Where are the feminists in America calling out the Iranian government? Where are the higher education zealots demanding for equal opportunity?

Maybe they’re keeping quiet because the all-knowing United Nations elected Iran to the Commission on Women’s Rights. (

Can you imagine such a policy in America? Yet American universities aren’t disclosing the misogyny and tyranny of the Iranian government. When will the bleeding hearts of this country give a second thought on any situation other than the alleged “gender inequities” in our own education system?

Between Iran and America, it should be obvious which education system is truly sexist.

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