Parker Ward Intro

Hello fellow Patriots,

I am Parker G. Ward, I have been selected to be the Radio Personality for Tea Party University. I first want to say I have been a supporter of the Tea Party since the very first days. I am a Preacher at my local congregation here in Shreveport, Louisiana. I am currently undertaking my Bachelors Degree for Paralegal Studies for Constitutional Law, Immigration Law, Federal Taxation Law, and Business Law among others.

I ran for Mayor of Shreveport in 2010 as an independent/third party gaining 1% of the vote. Then in 2011, I ran Republican for Caddo Parish Commissioner for district 11 running against an incumbent who was very popular and whose daughter was a State Senator. In that race, I gained 30% of the vote 1,215 votes. My opponent only raised $110 more than I did. I am being considered a front-runner for Mayor of Shreveport in 2014. I am a leader within my Tea Party group. In 2010 for a short time, I was the host of the Parker Ward Show on Blog Talk Radio. I was part of a team to promote Rev. C.L. Bryant’s movie “Runaway Slave.” I am very well rounded in many different areas.

It is hard to condense yourself into a few paragraphs however, I did it.

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