INTRODUCING: TPU Writer, Mary-Alice Perdichizzi

Hi, everyone! My name is Mary-Alice Perdichizzi and I’m the new manager of Tea Party Students. I’m also a writer for Tea Party University.

I recently graduated from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. While at Brandeis I also founded and ran the Brandeis Tea Party Chapter for two years–one of the first Tea Party student groups in the state–and had a huge impact on campus with my frequent speeches, speakers, and screenings. I’m also extremely active with almost all of the adult Tea Party groups in Massachusetts, and continue to be a frequent Tea Party leader and public speaker at Tea Party rallies and political film projects  in MA.

After graduating, Danny tasked me with playing an important role in the development of Tea Party Students, since I’ve been an active aid ever since he first contacted my group. I’m also entering my freshman year as a graduate student in Lowell, where I currently work in a parasitology lab towards a Master’s in marine biology.

I look forward to working with all of you, brainstorming ideas, and providing help, speakers, and whatever else you may need to become seasoned Tea Party activists. Contact me whenever you like and I hope to meet all of you personally!

Best regards,


Mary-Alice Perdichizzi

Tea Party Students manager

About TeaPartyStudents

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