A Repost Worth Reading: Envy & Shame

By Kevin Sabella

Envy and shame is why there are those who hate the rich and sucessful according to comedian Adam Carolla in his anti-Occupy Walstreet podcast . In fact he lements the fact that he heard that the top one percent in California paid fifty percent of the taxes before 2008. Which is true because the rich under the progressive tax system pay more in taxes then most people who don’t make millions.

According to IRS numbers those who earn 1 to 5 million percent pay 29 percent in income taxes while those filers pay 17 percent. Not to mention 46 percent of Households don’t pay income taxes but yet those who are millionaires who pay all of a sudden their the bad people because they pay and file their taxes, and they take advantage of legal IRS tax loopholes. And, I can’t blame them because if I did something extraordinary and became a millionaire I don’t want my hard work going to the same government that will keep on funding social welfare programs that have been utter failures. The reason is because since Lyndon Bains Johnsons Great Society Programs poverty has increased.

This brings me to Envy because I recent read a post on Salon.com entitled “Did God Help Gabriell Douglas Win?” and in this post she attacks Gabby Douglas for thanking god for her winning the gold metal at the 2012 Olympics. She talks about how Ms Douglas comments might make those with “Somewhat less faith unfordable” and “The closest I’ve been able to figure it is that Douglas and her ilk seem to espouse a faith based on what is commonly referred to as “The God of Parking Spaces.” Wow, really you so in other words you would like her more if she was not outspoken and in the closet about her beliefs, and this is where the Envy pops its head. The reason why is because this young Olympic champion will go on to be famous and this writer will go on to do what? just sitting around and spouting drivel.

The shame comes in when instead of just dealing with life and trying to best you can to make things work and make some thing of oneself these envious and shame filled people will go out and try and tear others down from success not just through one pitiful article on a pitiful site but through taxes. For instance Young Gabby Douglas will win atleast 30,000 for a gold metal but then she is going to be taxed at 9,000 so much for USA USA USA chants.







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