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As Election Day approaches, remember to get out to vote for Democrats, Independents, and Republicans who are committed to restoring fiscal sanity and limited government!  The presidential election certainly is important, but there are MANY races going on too.  Be … Continue reading

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Want to learn the Hard Truths of Obamacare?

Editor’s Pick: Want to learn about the Hard Truths of Obamacare? The Obamacare Truth Squad provides educational resources that breaks-down the government takeover of our health care system. You can also follow them on Twitter, @ObamacreTrthSqd.

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Opinion: Time to stop apologizing for America

Opinion: Time to stop apologizing for America By Seth When Obama assumed office as president he wasted no time trying to wind hearts and minds. Not of conservative Americans who he had called “bitter” and clinging to guns and religion. … Continue reading

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MUST READ: Determination

    Source: Tea Party Patriots Newsletter Determination Over the last several weeks, I have received emails from some of our supporters who say they think the system is so broken it cannot be fixed and our efforts are futile. … Continue reading

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A Repost Worth Reading: Declaration on Obamacare

Source:      We propose a full and complete repeal of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.  It was signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010.  The individual mandate provision forces … Continue reading

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Another US credit rating downgrade…

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