Obamacare Slams UNC Students

By Mary-Alice Perdichizzi

What was the subject President Obama curiously avoided as his “hallmark legislation” at the DNC convention? Oh yes, Obamacare–the “Affordable Care Act”. Interesting… shouldn’t the Dems have cheered its recent passage at the convention?

Not when North Carolina college students are facing nearly doubled health insurance costs, due in part to Obamacare regulations—the college insurance plan for North Carolina rose from $460 last year to $706, a cost increase that UNC President Tom Ross anticipated after passage of Obamacare. In a letter to the university’s board of governors he wrote, “Based on more than three semesters of actual claims experience, as well as the new provisions of the Affordable Care Act, we are facing large increases in premiums for our students.”

Ed Morrisey additionally notes on HotAir.com that (1) many universities attempted to obtain waivers from Obamacare several years ago to avoid this very situation, (2) the coverage mandated by Obamacare is in excess of what students will use and need, and (3) the higher premiums students are forced to pay, regardless of what health services they need, is literally a wealth redistribution to older Americans.

Will America’s younger generation let this fly with the upcoming election, or would they rather screw everyone over, especially themselves?

For more details on this situation:


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