Opinion: Time to stop apologizing for America

Opinion: Time to stop apologizing for America

By Seth

When Obama assumed office as president he wasted no time trying to wind hearts and minds. Not of conservative Americans who he had called “bitter” and clinging to guns and religion. News to Mr. Obama, most Americans believe in G-d and we are proud to be a nation founded on religious values as evident by even our currency saying In G-d we trust. That being said the hearts and minds that Obama tried to win were the Arab world. He apologized for our country and was apologetic about American exceptionalism.  In reality we had nothing to apologize for. Sadly fast forward to the most recent attack on our embassy in Libya on 9/11 and the riots throughout the Islamist world.  It’s cause for concern.


The Obama crew, instead of rightfully holding the rioters and those who support them accountable, holds a youtube video that offends Muslims as the real culprit as Cairo and Banghazi have become dangerous for Americans.  Obama and Hillary feel, yet again, that they need to appease the Radical Islamists who hate our country and its values, no matter what we do. The Obama administration even asked Google to remove the video. Since when do democracies start limiting what is acceptable speech or videos and what isn’t?  And since when do mobs determine American foreign policy?  Many videos online I would find immoral; however, it’s not the governments place to remove it just because I don’t like it. Obama has proven that his administration takes a subservient and weak position toward the radical Islamic ideology, and in the process reveals his love of big government and disrespect toward parts of the Constitution he views as inconvenient.


For someone who was certainly not running on his economic record this reveals yet again the weak, inexperienced and ultra-left leanings of the current occupant of the white house. America loving citizens hope Obama is voted out come this November.  As radical Islamists continue to riot, it becomes clear that the Arab Spring is becoming the Islamist fall.  It bears remembering, according to Reuters, that Afghanistan receives over one billion dollars of aid from America.  Egypt receives 541 million dollars, and Pakistan, the country which jailed a citizen for helping find Bin Laden, receives millions as well. Perhaps instead of apologizing, our next president can review aid, stand up for our country, and stand up for American values- Now that’s real Hope and change.

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