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Practice What You Preach

Source: Over the last few days, a number of articles have highlighted how APU has attempted to defend its actions in banning a YAF chapter on campus. The school claims its support of conservative students and ideas. However, APU should back up … Continue reading

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Opinion: Main Stream Media meets Presidential Debate

Main Stream Media meets Presidential Debate  By now the candidates have spoken the questions have been asked and the Moderator has moderated the second presidential debate, well sort of… While there were a few questions which actually held the president accountable for his record one … Continue reading

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Students cannot afford Obamacare- Literally (College costs enough)!

Source: Students across the country are cringing as the new medical insurance law’s mandates eliminate the affordable policies they previously enjoyed, imposing a new financial burden. “If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what … Continue reading

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