Greyson Peltier: Musical Discord Abounds

When one thinks about music in the context of politics the following things come to mind: artists who are in love with Obama and those that send cease and desist letters to candidates they don’t like (in spite of their payment of royalties through blanket agreements). The differing playlists of Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney may come to mind as well.

Now, who do you think uttered these words? “We can rip apart the socialists and all their damn taxes” or “The reason why every day is not a holiday is because the government they steal your pay. It’s a dream but it’s already over.” That’s got to be some Tea Party jingle band. No, it’s not. The first one was from Passion Pit’s song “Take A Walk” and the second was from Slightly Stoopid’s “Top of The World”, 2 songs that often play on the radio alongside bands that back Occupy.

This alone should show us that the logical concepts of limited government and limited taxation have finally reached the depths of liberal entrenchment. If the one group of people who tend to be the most liberal are now publicly opposing the philosophies of liberalism then I have no doubt that we are winning the war. Now I may be completely wrong. These guys may not really be conservatives, but this is still a sign of good things to come.

But there is an anti-freedom voice from the music industry that can really hurt us. Remember SOPA, the internet kill switch bill? It might be making a comeback with the Trans Pacific Partnership. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the treaty would eliminate the fair use exception to copyright law (which allows educational and critique use of copyrighted material without a license) and forces carriers to shut off internet access for those who allegedly have infringed copyrights. The treaty would also force carriers to block access to websites that may be infringing on copyrights. To the best of my knowledge, there would be no trial of right of appeal prior to the censorship. Furthermore, unlike most laws, treaties are not subject to the constitution and thus are the law of the land upon ratification regardless of content.

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