Opinion: Obama Foreign Policy Turning Back the Clock on US Legitimacy Abroad

The Benghazi-gate scandal continues to widen with many beginning to believe it may in fact be a larger scandal than Watergate, yet the liberal media with only a few notable exceptions stubbornly and quite unpatriotically continue to ignore it. In so doing, the left proves yet again that their cynical political agendas trump US interests.

Just after September 11, 2012, I posted some thoughts about what I was then calling Embassy-gate. I anticipated that there was no way out for the administration with respect to culpability for the vulnerability that allowed the US embassy attacks in Libya that killed Ambassador Stevens. This is what I posted on Facebook:

Three possibilities exist for why we were unprepared for the 9/12/12 attacks:

1. CIA & allies didn’t know

2. Somebody knew but Obama missed that intelligence briefing

3. Obama heard but dismissed the threat.

Since it seems Canada knew something – and possibly Israel, the only two options left are that Obama missed the briefing or dismissed the warning.

And if it should be revealed that Netanyahu’s meeting with Obama was to hand-deliver intelligence Obama had refused to hear at his briefings and through other channels and Obama rejected that last lifeline – wow.

Since that time, many more facts have come to light, including that the Libyan government and others tried to warn the US and that in fact, the embassy had already been “attacked and threatened 13 times”. Furthermore, the US had actionable intelligence of its own that indicated an attack was likely – it also knew the attacks had nothing to do with the Mohammad video but were a planned military-style terrorist attack.

As if this were not outrageous enough, we have also since learned that the State Department and the White House refused to upgrade the embassy’s security, setting the stage for what would become a perfectly tragic storm that very unnecessarily cost the lives of brave Americans serving us abroad.

In May of 2008, I attended a lecture in Washington, DC at Johns Hopkins at Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, by former Ambassador Dr. Peter Bechtold. The lecture and cocktail social that followed were designed to answer questions of those interested in a career in the Foreign Service. The ambassador was honest about what one usually gets as opposed to what one may envision – a position at an embassy in Botswana is a bit more common than an assignment in London, for instance. But he also shared with us why exactly it was nonetheless quite worth it – or had been for him. It was tough, no question, but it was an experience you would never forget or regret. And the benefits weren’t so bad either.

Despite the dangers of some assignments, it was not lost on any of us in attendance our government’s resolve to see to the security of its foreign service workers. Those were the Bush years. Today, I think making that case would be considerably more challenging. With that, it seems reasonable to suspect that some bright young leaders and future diplomats may opt for another vocation altogether, much to the loss of all Americans.

The consequences of Obama foreign policy can be felt by our allies and neighbors, regular Americans who now feel more endangered traveling abroad, and even those within the highest ranks of our diplomatic missions abroad. The US is now having its very legitimacy as a sovereign state eroded by what should be inconsequential thugs and in so doing creating a force-multiplier to the perception of that erosion at home and abroad. This is the Obama legacy, to turn back the clock to the dark days before 1776, the Revolution, War of 1812, and the Barbary wars that followed, all of which established us firmly on the world stage.

As we remember the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812, let us not allow this administration to submit our nation to the great humiliations faced at the hands of the British which threatened to erase our national presence. Then it was impressment of our sailors; today, it is the assassination of our ambassadors and the overthrow of the sovereign US territory, our embassies abroad. Let’s remember the dangerous regressive nature of this administration and vote accordingly in November.

M.T. Kite-Powell is Assistant Editor at TPU and is currently a master’s student in National Security Studies. His undergraduate work was in International Relations, including an internship in London with the Henry Jackson Society.

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One Response to Opinion: Obama Foreign Policy Turning Back the Clock on US Legitimacy Abroad

  1. ProudofTheUSA says:

    Obama’s foreign policy was a failure and the fact that he continues to pour tax payer money into places like Pakistan and Egypt where they hate us shows his lack of judgement.

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