Heading Off The MSM China Diversion

Last week, Reuters and other outlets posted stories about the congressional panel that is investigating “new wave of complaints against Huawei, ZTE.” Certainly there is much of concern from a direct national security angle, but why are the media suddenly taking an interest in Chinese companies the Pentagon and others have long ago designated as espionage fronts for a regime whose leaders have promised to “exterminate” the U.S. population?

Congress has spent its eleven months on this well. Huawei has no business doing business in the U.S. and should be barred from doing so.

"The House committee warned U.S. industry that Beijing could use equipment made by the two companies to spy on certain communications and threaten vital systems through computerized links. It urged network providers to seek other vendors."

"A staff member of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee said the panel has been receiving ‘dozens and dozens’ of calls from current and former employees and customers reporting supposedly suspicious equipment behavior, chiefly involving Huawei."

Sadly, we can be certain the motivation behind MSM’s sudden interest in this has more to do with presidential politics than national security. The angle most likely is and will increasingly be about Governor Romney’s possible ties to Huawei through Bane Capital several years ago. Never mind that we have a president who bows to the regime’s thugs today and a vice president who enthusiastically embraces China’s pro-gendercide one-child policy while on the soil of the most genocidal regime in human history or a Secretary of State who actually stated that human rights “can’t interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security crises”.

The national security debate is Tuesday, it’s October, and President Obama may be collapsing in the polls so you can bet an emerging Romney-China narrative is no accident. Indeed, there have already been several fits and starts by the Obama campaign and its allies in media. Nevertheless, congress needs to move forward. It is really doubtful that this new wave of seeking to capitalize on relatively ancient history will be of much use to Mr. Obama but MSM will certainly play it up if they believe it can be helpful.

While a past misstep may suggest there may have been some clumsiness many years ago on the part of Mr. Romney, the behavior of the Obama administration almost demands to be treated as maleficent acts clearly detrimental to US interests now and going forward. Nevertheless, I think conservatives would benefit from hearing something definitive from Mr. Romney on this – it may be useful to clear the air for many reasons. Preferably such an explanation will be something satisfying but it should also not be on MSM’s terms. Indeed, Mr. Romney should at all costs avoid anything that looks like a mea culpa that the media can make larger than life. If Mr. Romney has learned his lesson, great; if not, we’ll accept some reasonable effort to seem that way with the knowledge we are watching in order to get us through to 2016.

To quote Gwendolen Fairfax from Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, "In matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity is the vital thing." At least at the moment.

M.T. Kite-Powell is Assistant Editor at TPU and is currently a master’s student in National Security Studies. His undergraduate work was in International Relations, including an internship in London with the Henry Jackson Society.

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