Opinion: Time to Vote Obama Out


Is a trillion dollar debt, an attack in Libya which claimed the lives of a U.S. ambassador and Navy seals with a confusing and inconsistent response from the Obama administration, and higher unemployment numbers for October is this the best we can expect from our ever expanding federal government? While they are not alone to blame, the lack of accountability and lack of leadership from this administration should cause us to pause and reflect on these past 4 years. Where is the promised economic recovery? Where is the clear sighted commitment to recognizing the threat posed by Radical Islam as demonstrated by the Libya attack and the recent plots foiled throughout America including an attack at Fort Hood which killed 13 Americans perpetrated by a self-identified Islamist? And what has an expanded government accomplished other than to decrease freedom? As we get ready to head to the polls, the Obama campaign will try to distract us from the facts once again. They will divide America into economic classes, a classic tactic used by the far left in Chicago politics, and they will also argue that Obama has not been given enough time; that with four more years the economy may recover.

To answer this, I will quote from the President himself.  He had said in an interview in Feb. 2009 that if the economy did not recover in three years he would be a “one term president.”

We need a President who understands business and who can help lead the country out of this economic mess, not someone who just brings more federal government programs into the picture.  Now it is We the People’s time to hold the president to his word and vote him out on Tuesday.

Written By Seth, TPU Writer and Contributor

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