OPINION: Why we lost and how to fix it

Yes, Obama won again but you do not need to and should not lose your sanity or belief in the ability to solve our nation’s problems because of that.

When I got up Wednesday morning, as usual, I had a large heap of political email waiting for me on my BlackBerry, but what was unusual was the quantity of negative, defeated and scared remarks from fellow Romney supporters. Yes, everyone has their theory as to why Romney lost. Minorities want Obama period, Romney’s out of touch, America is now a liberal nation, voting machines were hacked, facts were concealed and even multiple people saying that God is cursing America.

With all of this discussion I believe that there is one BIG reason why Romney and quite frankly, conservatives in general (if you can call him one) lose nowadays. That reason is the economy. What, dude? Conservatives are the economic big kahuna! Yes, they are, but votes are easily cast by those who don’t see that anymore.

 Read more, at: http://greysonnation.wordpress.com/2012/11/12/why-we-lost-and-how-to-fix-it-part-1/

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