Tea Party University
1. Provides a student-driven platform for all stories and opinions by students and young people in the Tea Party movement.
2. Provides an information and education portal for all ages in the Tea Party movement.
3. Does not horde intellectual property, money, or media attention from its team of students and professors.

Our Key Features
1. Our “Tea Party 101” tab where we showcase our movement to create a real Tea Party 101 college course.
2. Our “Professors” tab as we work to build a database of professors who can comment on the history and philosophy of the Tea Party movement.
3. Our “Blog” tab where we bring together the top leaders in the Tea Party youth movement to write, edit, and publish news and views. Our blog’s 10 founding editors include:

  • Steven Fleming, Ohio State University – Newark Campus Tea Party Patriots
  • Joey Gallagher, University of Iowa Tea Party
  • Russell Leboff, Hampden-Sydney College Tea Party Patriots
  • Lyda Loudon, Tea Party Youth
  • Logan Pals, Iowa State University Tea Party Rally
  • Mary-Alice Perdichizzi, Brandeis University Tea Party
  • Kevin Sabella, Stony Brook University Tea Party
  • Lucas Scanlon, Harvard University Tea Party
  • Robert Sinnott, Dixie State College Republican Tea Party Caucus
  • Caleb Yee, A-Team Tea Party Youth


To contact us, fill out this form and your message will be sent privately to our editorial team:

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