NO Change: How One Party Values Human Life

Story by OCTS

Link: Booth in a Box

We’re all slaves now.

In the bad old days, masters paid taxes on slaves.
Today, Obamacare makes slaves pay taxes to their masters.

Bow to your new masters in Washington.

Obamacare fundamentally changes the relationship between the citizen and the federal
government. For the first time in our history, Washington is compelling citizens to buy
certain products and specifying what those products must contain. Buy those products or
suffer the tax penalties, which will grow more and more onerous over time.
This upends the American system of government and turns the clock back to the time of
King George when people were not free sovereign individuals with the right to make their
own choices but were instead mere serfs, peasants, and subjects – completely under the
King’s whim and dictate.
Obamacare’s architects are not done with us yet. They will not be satisfied until our new
masters in Washington – not you! – have total power to decide what your life is worth. Your worth will depend on your age, just as it did for slaves in the Old South. The mentality is the same. It’s no accident that the valuation is, too.

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