Opinion: Main Stream Media meets Presidential Debate

Main Stream Media meets Presidential Debate 

By now the candidates have spoken the questions have been asked and the Moderator has moderated the second presidential debate, well sort of…

While there were a few questions which actually held the president accountable for his record one of which came from someone who voted for Obama last time (who was disappointed), with his expectations of Mr. Obama’s hope and change lowered many of the questions seemed more designed for the Democratic primary, with one questioner even helping Obama by repeating his talking point of blaming the horrible economy on inheritance from former Pres. George W. Bush. Where were the many Americans who want to ask the President why he has sent our tax payer money to pay for a commercial in  Pakistan to apologize for a film critical of Islam made by a private citizen, despite the fact that America stands for freedom of speech?  Or those who just happened to be wondering why the national debt has increased not decrease like he told the country it would if elected?  Where are the Americans frustrated with having ObamaCare forced on them, and where were the questions wondering why this president has apologized to people who hate our country and embrace radical Islamist teachings?  Many Americans had these type of questions, yet as usual were not represented by the mainstream media at this “town hall.” The one question on the Libya tragedy and mishandling by this administration got a very indirect answer from The President and in the course of the discussion the moderator gave her two cents and fact checked for Mr.Obama teaming up against Gov.Romney. The problem is her fact check was inappropriate, especially being that she later admitted Gov.Romney was right in the “main”. Either way we did not see her fact check what Mr. Obama said, and as usual the President was given more time to speak then Gov.Romney. While debates cannot cover up 4 years of failure and incompetence, as a democracy and a country which prides itself on our free press we have the right to expect more from the media. Is it too much to ask that the questioners reflect different sectors of American society with more than one conservative questioner or that the moderator avoid teaming up with one of the candidates? Apparently it is!  To avoid actually having a quality debate where real issues like the astronomically high national debt and Obama’s failed foreign policy are actually discussed, the elites would rather have Gov. Romney discuss the ways in which he is different than Pres.George W.Bush and listen to Obama divide America based on class. As the size of government increases but the confidence in this administration decreases, it’s becoming clear no amount of spin and media favoritism can take away from the facts and those are in Gov.Romney’s favor.

Article by Seth, Writer & Contributor

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